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The Champions of Value initiative is dedicated to bringing you content and experts to help you improve your expertise around value and to grow the business for which you’re responsible and ultimately, your career. Regularly, we will offer additional courses, articles from experts, discussion forums in a community and much more.

A preview of many of the courses to come include:

  • Value Based Business – The Fundamentals of Value You Must Know for All Phases of Business
  • Pricing Metrics – How to align what you charge with the value a subscription buyer receives. As they grow, so does your revenue.
  • Packaging – How to create good, better, best packages that maximize revenue
  • Pricing Roadmap – How to plan, communicate, and coordinate pricing initiatives for seamless profit increases
  • Costs and Pricing – The definitive answer on how you should use costs when setting prices.
  • Value Tables – How to describe value in this fundamental document that should drive product development, marketing, sales and pricing.
  • Value Conversations – How to execute the most important skill in business, how to talk to a buyer so they tell you how much they value your product.
  • Measuring Willingness to Pay – How to put data into your pricing decisions
  • Psychological Pricing – How to tweak and present your pricing to improve pricing. This is a practical application of Behavioral Economics

About Impact Pricing

Mark Stiving, PhD, MBA, is a widely recognized pricing expert and marketing pro who teaches companies how to boost revenues and realize their true value. With 25+ years of experience in price segmentation, pricing product portfolios and visionary pricing, Mark’s analytical skills provide specific direction—and quantifiable results.

The question most companies ask themselves is why don’t we win deals at higher prices? Companies often feel they don’t get paid enough for the value they create. Or do they build products that their customers don’t value (and don’t buy)?

Mark helps companies discover how buyers perceive value and how to price offerings to capture more of the value they create.

For over 25 years he has studied, led and coached businesses through the lens of pricing, a radically different approach from other business experts. He knows that every person inside your company affects the price a buyer is willing to pay. The prices you achieve ultimately indicate how well the entirety of your company operates.

Mark has driven a company-wide pricing initiatives worth hundreds of millions of dollars in incremental profit. He started and sold three companies, improving his championship pricing skills in each one.

Mark’s passion is teaching the power of pricing. He evangelizes pricing at major conferences and has conducted over 400 days of corporate training around the globe. Mark’s Price class maintains a net promoter score (NPS) of 81, higher than Apple’s.

Mark also writes about pricing. His book, Impact Pricing: Your Blueprint for Driving Profits, is a highly readable and practical manual (4.9 stars on Amazon).

Mark will change the way you and your audience think about pricing and business as a whole.

“Mark removed the taboo that pricing is some dark art.”
Jeff Beckham, Enterprise Product Marketing, Slack

“Mark made pricing easy to understand and fun.”
Mike Freier, Founder, Product Management Consulting Group Inc.

“Mark was very knowledgeable and brought insight into the concept of pricing that will empower me to be more effective.”
Naomi Cash, Director of Product Management, Attainia, Inc.

To get Mark’s help with your own pricing strategies or to book Mark as a speaker to enlighten your audience, e-mail mark@impactpricing.com.

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