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Pricing Metrics

Choose the right Pricing Metric and you will win, keep, and grow customers in your Subscription Business. Learn the 7 Step process to choosing the right metric.


Price Segmentation

Price segmentation, is the second most powerful pricing decision your company can make. The goal is to charge different customers different prices based on their willingness to pay. This course explains 5 different techniques to do exactly this.


Packaging: Good, Better, Best

Win, keep, and grow more customers by intelligently packaging your features into good, better, best and options.


Economic Value Estimation

Learn a powerful exercise that you can do with your colleagues to uncover how your buyers perceive the value of your product relative to competition.


Conjoint Analysis

Learn one of the most powerful market research techniques. Conjoint analysis is invaluable for pricing and packaging, but can be used in many others situations as well.


Accelerate Your Subscription Business

Drive growth in your Subscription Business by gaining clarity and certainty around which tasks drive growth at your current stage.


Value Based Business

Drive your company to faster profit and growth through a Value-Driven Culture. Master the most profitable pricing strategy there is, Value-Based Pricing.

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