Conjoint Analysis
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This course will teach you the most powerful market research technique around, Conjoint Analysis.  You will learn the big picture of what Conjoint is and see many of its use cases. 

You will learn how to design your own study.  The course guides you through the many decisions you must make including defining the choice cards your respondents will see and guidance on what additional questions to ask.

The best part is learning the results.  Learning to decipher the relative preference for each attribute level is eye-opening.  You will even learn how to put a dollar value on each attribute. 

The course walks you through a case study, starting with 3 research questions, designing the study, and then answering those 3 questions with the actual data collected.  The three research questions are:

  • How well is our brand perceived?  By different segments? 
  • How would market share change if …
  • What is the dollar value of adding an attribute to our product?

This is a how-to course.  The entire course teaches you how to design and interpret a conjoint project.    

The structure of the lessons here allow you to go at your own pace.  Additionally, to help with learning, you will have access for 2 months to group Office Hours for questions and interaction via Zoom. This allows you an opportunity to ask questions for clarification or elaboration so you can apply the concepts being taught.