Economic Value Estimation
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This course will change the way you think about pricing and value forever … for the better. You know you need to use Value Based Pricing, but what does value even mean?  How do your buyers perceive value? 

The exercise you learn in this course will help you answer the question, “how do buyers value our product relative to our competition.”

You can start these on your own, but then gather a cross functional group to work through some.  Doing so will help everybody in your company start thinking more about value. 

Surely, you’ve heard me say your company needs to create, communicate, and capture more value.  Before that, you probably need to understand what value is to your market.  This one course will launch you on that trajectory.

This is an exercise course.  The entire course teaches you how to do a very valuable exercise which you should be doing over and over again.  The results will be enlightening. 

The structure of the lessons here allow you to go at your own pace.  Additionally, to help with learning, the instructor will hold periodic (weekly?) group Office Hours for questions and interaction via Zoom. This allows you an opportunity to ask questions for clarification or elaboration so you can apply the concepts being taught.