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This course walks you through a step by step process to make this crucial decision.  

Have you ever wondered where disruptive pricing models come from?  We can’t guarantee you’ll find a successful disruptive pricing model, but we can assure that you’re much more likely to find one when you walk through this process.  Even if you don’t, you will find the pricing model that works extremely well for you and your market.  

The course has three modules.  To be honest, the second one is the one you really care about, but you will gain insights from all 3.   

  • Definitions and level setting
  • The 7 step process
  • More insights

This course is a HOW-TO course.  If you go through the course and diligently do the exercises, you will be able to make a decision on what pricing metric(s) work for you.   

The structure of the lessons here allow you to go at your own pace.  Additionally, to help with learning, the instructor will hold periodic group Office Hours for questions and interaction via a Zoom web meeting. This allows you an opportunity to ask questions for clarification or elaboration so you can apply the concepts being taught.  After all course questions are answered, the instructor will answer other pricing or coaching questions in any remaining time.